Sunday, November 22, 2009


I learned how to knit! !!!!! I'm beyond excited about this new and freaking insane avenue for passing time. Did you know how many different knit stitches there are?! Did you know about different needles and different styles and how individuals develop their own unique handling with the needle as they do with holding pencils?! Knitting is like handwriting. Awesome.

This is my first project with my first skein of yarn. Shout out to Christin Upshaw who "showed me the ropes" (leave me alone, I'm ecstatic).

My favorite part is how perfect the rows look. It's so satisfying. Once you get into a solid rhythm, they just churn out. Row after freaking row.

OK, so maybe my absolute favorite part is having a badass scarf that I would probably never be willing to spend money on from a store. Also, I'm a Floridian and have no excuse to be purchasing warm weather fripperies.

Up next, adult-sized booties. Oh purling, I will destroy you.


Red said...

Holy cats! You're awesome! Great job!!

I love how the variegated yarn made that zigzag effect. It's gorgeous!

Let me know if you need any assistance purling. Or if you want some other patterns - I have tons ( and are great resources). Or if you need help reading any of your patterns. :)

Happy Knitting!! :-D

Ashley said...

Thanks, Christin! I like the zigzag effect, too. :) I found this neat pattern for house slippers, and I have some yarn to test it out on, so I'm going to see if I can figure it out. But I may come crying if I get confused. haha.

Thanks for the encouragement and for the links!