Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gurren Lagann Hat (Take 2)

OKso, this loooooks a lot like the first attempt at this hat:

but if you look at the details, hopefully you'll see some improvement:

when you put it on, the arch pops up:

from this angle, you can soooorta see how I constructed the arch differently this time, to give it a triangular shape:

from the side:

again, the hat is supposed to be an adaptation of this badass:


njicki said...

well done!

mathuhhrine said...
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mathuhhrine said...


i want to share a small fiction w/ you so..


z &nd j

ow. z hopped off z's bike. z gingerly investigated z's lower calves. there was a strain. the strain would go away tomorrow.

z liked to think about gardening, completely in the abstract. warmth green and an emotionally charged bellyfeel. z knew next to nothing about gardening. z did know it happened in the earth, on top of the earth.

there were people to be avoided. there were landmines of people to sprint through, run into with infinite lives on strange and wicked days like eating limes and lemons or licking dark spiced bark. z could enjoy a prick of displeasantness to experience a diversity of flavors. z didn't have much in the way of opinions so the spectrum was pretty open. there was much to explore; life all over the world in many different ways.

j crumpled next to z in an spasm of dismounting idiosyncrasy. they locked their bikes together against a tall metal cylinder. 'our bikes are kissing' said z. 'o usually i do face to ass' said j.

face to ass was an efficient method of packing bikes b.c.o. the handlebars. j sometimes thought about spaces and objects and packing objects in spaces.

z wondered if z hopped somewhat affectedly, not comical or over-the-top, if nebdy would notice, saying something or looking someway. z would like if some1 did that and somehow became friends w\ z &nd j. that is farfetched. it doesn't happen. plus i'm tuff. <- these are z's direct thoughts to z.

z is tuff. tuff as f*ck. z could wrestle most boys. z came out pretty good usually. z liked to look at bruises on z's legs and arms and butt. z liked scabs and cuts. j was more fem and z found this comforting. j would say 'look @ that bitch/slut' in reference to some poor decisions in self presentation and z would laff. but z would never really say nething like that or use the word bitch. z remembers using words like raped and gay in the common vernacular but doesn't do that at all nemore and cringes a little when it happens. whenever z thinks of bitch z hears dave chappelle saying it and that is funny to z.


ps. love latest angry sea poem

<3 sandy

Ashley said...

haha, hey Sandy! I don't get notifications about comments on this blog, so sorry this is kind of delayed. i liked your abbreviations in this. It's creative and random and visual. I'm gonna have to check out your blog again soon.

mathuhhrine said...

haha, I do get notification about comments on this blog.

"creative and random and visual" thanks!

Ashley said...

I hope that means you like those adjectives. I feel like I used to know a different blog of yours, but i quit that one site (out of just awkwardness, you know the one) so i don't have a reference resource anymore. Link me up if it exists and you want to allow me access once again. :)

mathuhhrine said...

I understand what you mean.

I embrace the awkward loserly spirit of the whole run down empty enterprise.